Our History

Our History

Finances FX Market is a cooperative organization, headquartered in Whittier, California.This company is a subsidiary of ARGEN CORP which was established in 1999 and finally went global since 2006 till date, with good long term preserved goals for general interest and wellbeing of our customers who choose to grow their investment with us because of our fast growing pace and outstanding results regardless of your location and country. Finances FX Market provides comprehensive range of facilities in technologies, energy and in assets to all our affluent clients.

We understand the importance of flexibility and how it’s more important now than ever, that’s why we give our associates so many options investing. Most of our clients ask this question ” can I manage my investments and still manage to support important causes at my own time?” the answer is “YES” because we have well equipped trading algorithms, qualified experts and good standard developed automated system which does all the essential works for you without any additional stress hindering your personal life while investing with us.

Finances FX Market is dedicated to making good decisions because our skilled personnel works hand-in-hand while making good investment decisions as a team. We flourish by seeking out and embracing our differences, we wear some of those differences on the surface but many others are unseen because all are vital to who we are, as we believe in distinctive way of managing money. We combines independent high-conviction decision-making with the diversity that comes from multiple perspectives which delivers long-term results that help clients pursue their goals, with good favorable risk-adjusted results.

Finances FX Market have always made this a routine to employ deep fundamental research in identifying opportunities for capital appreciation. Our series is designed to evolve alongside participants, seeking appropriate levels of market exposure and wealth preservation for each stage of life because we rely on fundamental research. In most firm, analysts only recommend investments but at Finances FX Market they typically have the opportunity to actually invest in their highest conviction ideas due to the fact that most funds have research portfolios managed by analysts.

Our multiple systems supports our commitment to investors with long-term goals, it has allowed us to navigate near-term noise and periods of economic and market uncertainty in pursuit of key goals. We strongly believe long-term investing aligns with clients goals and our culture. Compensation structure has reinforce that focus enabling us to build portfolios that house multiple and disparate views, this diversity creates the potential for portfolios to fare well in a variety of market conditions. Our analysts knows that investment is about real people with real goals, which is why they create and monitor a dynamic suite of model portfolios.

Although small companies tend to be innovative and may grow earnings at faster rates than larger companies, the stocks of smaller companies, especially when domiciled outside the United States, are often overlooked by Wall Street analysts. In recent years, investors have shield away from small-cap equities due to large-cap equities outpacing small-caps, the rise of passive investing and the risk of small-cap stocks. Financial professionals are drastically underweighting international small-cap relative to international benchmark indexes.

The opportunity set in the non-U.S. small-cap stock universe is 2.6 times larger than domestic small caps. This larger universe may increase the potential for portfolio managers to uncover investment opportunities across a wider geographic and industrial landscape. Furthermore, international small-cap stocks have significantly less Wall Street analyst coverage, improving our active manager’s chance of finding values in a potentially less efficient segment of the equity markets.